A few weeks ago we took a few day trip to New York to experience the city in the spring, connect with some friends, and attend a wedding. The weather could not have been more perfect and we fit so much into such a short trip.

NYC 2022 1
NYC 2022 2

of course the trip started out with a quick hotel check-in then a neighborhood wander to find the closest Maman

NYC 2022 8

Saturday was a wedding so Sunday we woke up and took the subway down to Soho and Jack's Wife Freda for breakfast with some friends

NYC 2022 7
NYC 2022 24
NYC 2022 9
NYC 2022 10

of course, it wouldn't be a day in Soho without some shopping so we wandered in and out of some of our favorite stores until dinner at Boucherie in the West Village

NYC 2022 23
NYC 2022 11
NYC 2022 16
NYC 2022 12

Monday was for a quick trip up to Midtown, a stroll around Central Park before a late lunch at Tavern on the Green

NYC 2022 13
NYC 2022 19
NYC 2022 20
NYC 2022 18

then Tuesday we popped back down to a much quieter Soho for a bit more shopping and a late lunch at a sidewalk cafe before grabbing our things and heading to the airport to come back home

NYC 2022 26
NYC 2022 26