If you’ve been following the blog throughout January (or even took a peek at this post) you’ll know it’s no surprise that I’ve been on an organization streak.

A big move is always a great reason to go through the junk drawers (and we definitely did that before moving into our house in June 2019) but now that the dust has settled it was high time to go through the closets and cupboards that we just unpacked into to determine what we truly do not need anymore.

I started in the kitchen and have been working my way through the house. Today’s’ post is waking through the process of cleaning out one of my most overlooked areas of clutter: my beauty cabinet.

Before I started I picked up a couple things to help me in my organizing journey: these gold wire baskets (comes in a set of 6!) are absolutely perfect and this lazy susan has been a lifesaver. If we have learned anything from The Home Edit ladies by now it's that "product" is a lifesaver.

Orgaization 5
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Tips for Organizing Your Beauty Stash

I think I put this off so long because I didn’t actually think makeup / beauty products expired. I’m not sure why I thought that, but I will now not go 3 years without discarding old products. But when it came to organizing my actual products I had a game plan that worked out so well:

  • Use Small, Open Containers to Segment Your Products – I went to TJ Maxx and picked up a few sets of small plastic containers for like $10 and $12. Honestly, they’re your friend when it comes to organizing your products. The gold wire baskets were leftovers from my wedding I think and since I could see through them they were also perfect!

( These bins will always be some of my favorites!)

  • Be Ruthless in Your Editing – In my YouTube video of the process you can see how much I actually got rid of and I was pretty impressed with myself. Put your hands on every product or tool and ask yourself if you like it, if you use it, and if it’s still good.
  • Use Lazy Susans for Products You Use Often – Thanks to The Home Edit ladies, Lazy Susans are now back in organizational vogue. I only have one in my beauty closet but it’s been already so nice for storing my cleansers, masks, and moisturizers on. I go through a rotation of different skincare products pretty consistently so not to rummage through a bin for my options is always a plus.
  • Organize By Type – I’m so glad I did this tip from the get-go. Lay out all your products by “type” on your bed or vanity and them place them in containers with what family they belong to. It makes seeing what you have and what you need so very simple.
  • Scrunchies Organization – scrunchies can be tricky to keep track of around your home so a designated place to hold them is so helpful. I use a fun hack with a paper towel holder to hold all my Wallflower scrunchies. I can easily see them and know exactly which one I want to wear for the day.

Other Organizing Products

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A Few Of My Favorite Products I Discovered While Cleaning

The amazing thing about organizing your life is re-discovering products you had forgotten about. This happens to me quite a bit – especially with skincare. I keep my makeup pretty much the same, but I have a STASH of skincare and it’s great to work them back into my routine.

Skincare –

Tools –

Makeup –

Watch the YouTube Video