Packing for a Chilly Winter Getaway

While most people head to sunshine and warmth in the dead of the winter, we’re heading up to NYC where 20-degree temps are waiting for us. And although there’s nothing like lounging on the beach warming up in the sun, there’s something equally energizing about a cold-weather climate (at least for Lee and I!) The most challenging part is knowing what to pack – especially when you feel like you’ve well and truly exhausted your winter clothes for the season and buying a whole new wardrobe is out of the question!

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It’s in these months that you have to be creative with your limited wardrobe and think outside of the constraints of your everyday uniform. I love the term ‘shopping your closet‘ because it will force you to dig deep and find those outfits that may not be your go-to, but will make you feel chic and stylish even with the chilly, lingering temps.

So what’s going in my suitcase for 4 days in 20-degree weather?

  1. Loads of layers! Think fitted tees and thermals to wear under the more stylish ensemble but will keep all the warmth in. I’ve found that if I can keep my core warm I’m typically good to go for the day. I love that this time of the year you can find thermals and long sleeve tees for great prices since most stores are starting to discount their winter gear to make room for new spring lines.
  2. An assortment of coats. I was so fortunate to be gifted a beautiful selection of outwear from Primark for this trip – they really know how to spoil their partners – and I was so happy to see beautiful colors that are going to be statement pieces for my outfits. Don’t be afraid to wear color in the winter! You may not be able to pull on that light blue seersucker dress yet, but find a light blue suede coat, pair it with some white jeans, and a colorful scarf. You’ll feel like you’re going on a tropical holiday!
  3. All of the warm winter accessories! From earmuffs to gloves, I’ve got it covered when it comes to warm winter accessories. I’m planning on stocking up on warm socks, loads of gloves and hats, and of course scarves plenty of scarves.
    So if you’re just staying put until the ground thaws or you’re headed to a region with cold temps, think outside the box when it comes to styling your winter wardrobe. You’ll overcome those winter blues and start loving the layers again – or at least for another month.
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