ONE | The Sill – Plants make people happy. 

And isn’t that the truth! Especially in the winter months, greenery in the house is scientifically proven to increase your happiness and productivity.

TWO | The Greatest Showman soundtrack

So I have still yet to see the movie – I’m not a huge fan of movie theatres – but the soundtrack is so so good!

THREE | 5 Home Decor Items to Add To Your Spring Refresh


FOUR | What It’s Like Being the President’s Photographer? 

I was fascinated by this article in Marie Claire about Trump’s photographer who, by the way, is only the 2nd woman to ever be a president’s photographer.

FIVE | The Year of Less 

If you think a week without shopping is too long you may want to pick up Cait Flanders book on her documentation of her year without spending money (except for the necessities). I haven’t read it personally but have heard great things about the book and it’s next on my list!

SIX | Lightroom Tutorials 

I’ve been super into watching Lightroom editing tutorials on YouTube recently (nerdy I know) but it’s fascinating the difference between slapping on a preset and actually knowing how colors interact with each other. It’s really an art form – one that I’m trying to get better at!