ONE | Are Wellness Communities the Future? 

Besides a high price tag the standard of living, this community located just 30 minutes outside of ATL sounds pretty perfect.

TWO | Marveling at the DIY Prowess of People 

Find out how to DIY botanical prints with materials in your backyard. hint: the result is stunning.

THREE | Sneak Peeks from a Beautiful New Dress Collection 

Let’s all take a moment and swoon over Julia Engel’s latest business venture. I’m saving my pennies in case one strikes my fancy.

FOUR | Move Aside Kitchen Aid Mixer, There’s a New Kitchen Must-Have in Town

FIVE | My Two Brand Obsessions: & Other Stories || Sezane 

Instant inspiration every time I click open the websites.

SIX | Life Hacks: TSA Pre-Check

Ok, I don’t know how many of you know this but you can go through a *very easy application process and get on the permanent TSA Pre-Check list. Lee and I just got approved and now I never have to take my shoes off in airport security again!

SEVEN | Five New Words to Learn This Month 

Widen your horizons and learn five new, beautiful words from languages around the world each month with This Is Glamorous’ new monthly series.

{Currently experiencing Vemödalen here in NYC}

PS: We’re currently in the ever lovely New York City! Follow along on the adventure in real-time through my Instagram & keep an eye out for lots of lovely snaps here on the blog in the coming weeks!