ONE | Prime Wardrobe

Try on your clothes before you buy them. I’m trying this out for the first time this weekend – I’ll keep you updated on the process!

TWO | Favorite Book: From a Paris Balcony 

It’s very rare that I enjoy a book with no prior knowledge about or recommendations for it. I have a hard time finding time to make it to my local library to check out titles so I’ve been picking titles on Amazon’s Free Reader. The last book I was read was a historical/modern day fictional story that was actually a really great read! If you’re heading off on Spring Break soon this would be a great beach read!

THREE | A Look at the Life of a Digital Nomad 

“For every Instagram photo a digital nomad posts from a beach club on a Saturday afternoon, there are dozens of undocumented hours spent doing exactly what everyone else is doing in corporate offices around the world.”

FOUR | Lately on the Blog . . .

FIVE | Sezane’s Spring Line

I sure don’t hate the new items… My favorite pieces include:


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