The minute Lee and I moved into our new home we knew the $50 Craigslist couch we’d been living with for 4 years was going to need an upgrade.

Our home renovations included opening up the kitchen/dining/living room. We love the open concept but hated the fact that everyone downstairs was staring right at our eyesore couch.

We had started pricing out some couch options and quickly realized that we were well out of the $50 petty cash level and some of the styles at various retailers were $1,500 and up.

Enter Rooms To Go.

This post is a paid partnership with Rooms To Go but all opinions are my own.
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I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the best perception of Rooms to Go to begin with. And it was completely unfounded. I had never bought a piece of their furniture nor had I ever experienced their store before. And my concerns were silenced the moment I stepped into their store.

A friendly staff member greeted us but instead of trying to sell sell sell he merely informed us of the early Labor Day sales going on and told us to let him know if we needed help. We were then free to wander and sit on all the furniture our hearts desired.

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We spent probably an hour in the store looking at things like fabric, style, and comfort. I had actually looked online before going into the store and had identified a couch I was interested in, but after 30 minutes in the store we had changed our minds completely.

It’s actually amazing how many different styles of furniture Rooms To Go sells at an extremely affordable price point. I had been looking at a Mid Century Modern style online but noticed they offer every style from modern to rancher to contemporary and lounge.

Something for everyone!

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So just a little tip: try to experience any furniture in person before pulling the trigger. We’re so happy with the sectional we bought and that was all due experiencing it in person before buying.

After making our final decision we scheduled a delivery – it actually came the next day! – and the process was hands down the least stressful delivery process I’ve ever experienced. We’ve had our fair share of deliveries the past few months and the Rooms To Go team made it so easy.

They showed up when promised, with a call beforehand, and took care of everything from the set-up to hauling away the plastic and cardboard protecting the couch. It was truly a white glove delivery service.

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It took a couple days to figure out the best furniture arrangement in our living room but once we did, I don’t know if we could ever go back to just the Craigslist couch life. We now have plenty of seating for guests, a cozy corner for hanging out in on dreary days, and a piece of furniture that will last for the long haul.

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We still have a bit of a ways to go to finish out our living room décor – curtains are next and then we have to repurpose the fireplace area – but our furniture has never looked better! The neutral color of the sectional is actually a perfect tie-in with the grey in our kitchen cabinets and contrasts nicely with the walnut wood we have throughout the rest of the living room.

I’m kind of ashamed to say that I hadn’t thought to look at Rooms To Go sooner when we were looking for new furniture. I had an unfounded perception in my mind of the quality and even the price of their furniture.

Everything from the seamless in-store experience to the delivery process has made me a Rooms To Go convert. If you’re looking at purchasing anything from bedroom furniture to a new entryway table, check out your local Rooms To Go store or visit their online store for affordable pieces in any style you can dream up!