I've seen more DIY posts this summer than ever before. Everything from tie-dye tips to backyard pools are being created by crafty, home-bound people who are playing it safe and staying put all summer long.

I'm not much of a DIY girl – although I do enjoy learning how to do something new and creating things myself – but arts and crafts are not my thing. Something that IS my thing, however, is filling my home with beautiful, functional products that spark a bit of joy. So this linen spray DIY project was right up my alley. The ingredients are simple and the process is quick, but the result is a really lovely product that will make your laundry and cleaning tasks a bit more enjoyable.

Today's Blog Post Will Cover
  • What Is Linen Spray
  • How to Use Linen Spray
  • Ingredients & Steps
  • Storage and Care

What Is Linen Spray?

It's a water-based, natural fabric freshener that can be sprayed on clean clothes, blankets, linens, and furniture.

Think Febreze but not filled with toxins.

It can be scented with any type of scent you like, although for optimum freshness most people prefer to use citrus or floral scents.

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How to Use Linen Spray

I've found it's best used on clothes right out of the dryer. Socks and towels are specifically perfect for a linen spray but you can use it on any fabric item around your house.

I also really love to use it as a room spray to keep your house fresh after a hard day of cleaning – especially when we all have the windows closed 24/7 now.

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I promise this is an easy DIY.

Ingredients Needed:

  • Distilled water ( also known as boiled water)
  • Vodka
  • Essential Oil (of your choice)
  • Glass vessel
  • Funnel
  • Label
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Steps & Instructions

  1. Bring a kettle of water to a rolling boiling (to make distilled water)
  2. Choose your preferred scent
  3. I had some dried rose petals that I added to a glass bowl to make my rose-scented water but you could do it with any dried floral, citrus or skip this step
  4. Pour your boiling water into the bowl & let the petals steep like you'd be making tea
  5. Let this cool!
  6. Strain out the petals and then add your vodka.
  7. Add your essential oils ( I added some eucalyptus along with rose to the mixture)
  8. Use a funnel to carefully add the water mixture to your glass bottle
  9. Cap it off, let it cool anymore if necessary
  10. Add a beautiful label ( download two free ones here!)

DIY linen Spray 8

DIY Notes

  • You don't have to add vodka to the mix, but it will elongate the shelf life of the linen water. It's recommended to add 2 tbsp of vodka per every 8 oz of water
  • It'll last about a week on the shelf but if you want to extend the life, keep it in the refrigerator
  • Store large amounts in vintage glass bottles then add small quantities to a spray bottle
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Download Free Linen Water Labels

Use the link to download two free linen water labels to affix to any vintage glass bottle.

Download the Labels