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Sezane 2023 New Arrivals and Sizing Guide

Sezane 2023 Sizing Guide

About Sezane

Who doesn't dream the dream of Paris? Romantic strolls, city lights, the food, the sights, the art, the fashion... 10 years ago a French designer took that romantic dream and made it a worldwide reality with an affordable collection of vintage-inspired, classically Parisian pieces that evolved into the brand many of us know and love – Sezane. Five years ago I bought into the dream and my first piece of Sezane showed up on my doorstep – a pair of boots I still have and love – and since then my collection has only grown. Whether you're new to the Sezane brand and are looking for a place to start, or you're 10 years in and wanting to add to your collection, this guide to Sezane 2023 styles and sizing is for you.

And if you're petite like I am, you're in luck because I've linked a whole YouTube video down below talking through fit and sizing of some of Sezane's latest collection, specifically for petite women.

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Sezane Dresses Shopping & Sizing Guide

Now the proud owner of four Sezane dresses, I've always been thoroughly impressed with the fit and style of all of the Sezane dresses. One thing to note is I find their dresses run large. And on the Sezane site they'll note that many of their dresses run large as well and they recommend sizing down if you're between sizes.

I mentioned above I am petite – only 5'1" – and every dress I've ordered from them has run big. Many of the Sezane silhouettes are shift dresses - especially for the spring and summer collections - but I always size down one size in their dresses and find an XS is often the perfect tailoring for my build.

My favorite dresses from their 2023 late summer/early fall collection are the Katrina Dress and the Pippa Dress.

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Sezane Denim Sizing Guide

I own three pairs of denim from Sezane now and while I typically find denim particularly hard to get the sizing right, Sezane is pretty spot on with their denim sizing. The one piece of advice I would give you when looking at sizing your Sezane denim is look at the fabric composition before you purchase.

Their Perfect Slim denim (of which I have two pairs) are made with 97% organic cotton and 3% elastane so they have a touch of stretch to them. I wear my true size in this type of denim, but if you're between sizes you could try the size below knowing this pair of denim does have some give to it.

The Brut Sexy denim style, however, is a much more rigid denim made with 100% organic cotton so they're going to fit true to size. Purchase the size in these you would wear in a classic pair of Levis, knowing you're not going to have any give in the fabric. Also, see this video on full sizing for the Brut Sexy Denim.

I also bought the Clara Trousers to try out the style of and found they ran big due to the style of the pants, so size down one size in that style.

Sezane Fall/Winter 2023 Try On and Review

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Sezane Sweater Guide

Sezane is truly known for the their beautiful, well-priced, detail-oriented sweaters and I have my fair share of their knitwear. Let's start with an essential style: the Leontine Sweater. This sweater runs a bit oversized, but even if you buy a size up you're not going to drown in the excess fabric. I bought the size Small and then a few months lost 25 pounds and although I would now buy the XS, I'm still more than happy with the fit of the Small - it just a bit more oversized.

The Basile Cardigan is part of their beautiful 10-year birthday collection and I recently purchased an XS in the color Light Beige. It's everything you could ever want in a slightly dressy cardigan. It is on the thicker side so I would not recommend it as an all-weather cardigan but a fall/winter one. If you're looking for a four season cardigan, their classic Gaspard Cardigan is the perfect weight and style to wear all year round. Buy your true size in this style.

I also have a few different (now out of stock) crewneck sweater styles from past seasons and unlike their cardigans I have found that their classic sweaters run very true to size and often are quite thick for the perfect winter top. This one is similar to one I have as is this one.

Sezane Sizing Guide

Below, I've added a photo of the actual size guide on the Sezane website. It's a very helpful guide but it does exclude denim. My overall sizing thoughts on Sezane is that it runs slightly big – from their tees to their denim I always look at the size down or the cut and tailoring of the garment to get an idea if I should purchase a Small or XS.

And just for reference my measurements are as follows:

  • Height: 5'1"
  • Bust: 32
  • Waist: 25
  • Hips: 32
  • Inseam: 27'"
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Favorite Pieces from the Sezane 2023 Collection

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Screenshot 2023 01 19 at 2 35 16 PM
Screenshot 2023 01 19 at 2 36 48 PM
  1. Betty Cardigan – a tailored and structured shirt-style cardigan that would look beautiful in the transition seasons and weather
  2. Martin Trousers – I've been looking for the perfect fall trousers and these might just be perfect. I do wish Sezane did more petite lengths because I know I'll have to get these hemmed, but they might just be worth it.
  3. Harper Dress – While I don't have this exact dress I do have one similar and it's a staple in my fall wardrobe. Perfect for vacations too it's a mix of elegant and easy styling.