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August 29, 2018

Sharing My Workout Journey

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For at least 6 months now, Lee and I have been hitting the gym consistently. We both came out of the wedding and winter season a little sluggish and overall out of shape. Like most people, we’ve had ups and downs in our workout journey. About 2 years ago we joined a trendy gym in our area and stuck with it for a few months until one fateful Memorial Day when we hit the gym early (8 am) and pushed ourselves WAY too hard. Long story short, I ended up getting sick during the workout and we never went back. (Does anyone else despise canceling gym memberships?) 

So here we are. Some 2 years later and feeling good about our current gym habits again! I didn’t want to blog about working out sooner because I wanted to make sure I was dedicated to it before sharing the process. Sometimes in the blogging world, I think we jinx ourselves by getting too excited about a lifestyle change and telling everyone right away. More often than not it doesn’t end up working out and then we feel a little foolish re-reading the blog post!

I want to take a few Wednesdays to talk about fitness and health. I would love to share my workout process and take you all along with me for a few workouts (and the pre/post routine I’ve found that work).

Working out is a huge commitment. I know that now. If we’re in the gym for 1 hour that means it’s a 2-hour process of getting ready and then getting clean. It’s taken us a long time to find a system that works for us, and while I’m not saying it’s going to work for you, I’m now a big advocate of the entire process. A consistent routine has done wonders for me – not just strengthening my physical body but also helping my mental state. I’m not a psychologist, but I know myself enough to see how much my mood has changed by working out just 2-3 times per week.

I hope these next few weeks of fitness blog posts will be helpful for you! If you’ve been struggling with consistency in your workouts, getting motivated to workout, or just if you’re trying to find a system that works maybe something I write will help you out.

I’m not going to be turning into a health and fitness blogger – but this has become such a big part of my life I want to share the journey with you. So, be on the lookout every Wednesday in Septemeber for these fitness posts and feel free to let me know in the comments, on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook if you have questions, concerns, comments, or advice!

~ Emily ~

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