Simple Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Very few things inspire me to get crafty and pull out things like scissors, wire, and ribbon, but I've seen so many beautiful photos on Pinterest of simple, rustic wreaths made from foraged ingredients like pine boughs and rosemary that I had to give it a try myself. This year, our Christmas decor has been all about the fresh ingredients. 80% of our current decor is made from real ingredients ( pine, rosemary, eucalyptus and magnolia) and our house has never smelled better.

Even if you're not a crafty person, this is a quick DIY that you might find enjoyable and will absolutely put you in cheery Christmas mood. So grab a mug of your favorite steaming beverage and the following ingredients for an easy Christmas wreath making activity.

Ingredients Needed

  • Crafting Wire - I bought this spool in 2019 from Amazon and it literally never runs out.
  • Foraging Snips - sharp scissors will also work or wire cutters. Mine are from Barebones Living.
  • Ribbon of Choice - velvet ribbon would look beautiful here and personally I love anything from Tono and Co.
  • Fresh greenery* - I used a mixture of pine cut from the bottom of our Christmas tree and rosemary from my herb garden.

*if you don't have access to fresh, foraged ingredients like pine or rosemary you could always pop into a grocery store like Trader Joes for some fresh stems. You could also use artificial ones you might have on hand or just wander your backyard for some green bush foliage.

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How to Assemble

I started out by creating a 6 inch diameter circle with the wire, cutting it and twisting it together at the top, then repeating that step so it was a little more sturdy.

I then took my cut lengths of pine and started bending them around the wire circle. Mine were pretty short and only made it about halfway around before I secured them with a short length of the wire.

I continued working with the pine - shaping it and securing it - until I had a sturdy wreath shape of the pine secured onto the original wire circle.

After that I just snipped back some stray shoots and fashioned my rosemary onto the pine in the same way.

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Creating the Bow

About as simple as tying your shoes, the bow just a tug here and a tuck there to make sure it's tight with tails as long as you wish.

I again just used some of the wire in a short section to attached it to top of the wreath.

It's really, honestly as simple as that! If you're a bit particular about the shape and proportions, this may not be your cup of tea. I was aiming for that perfectly imperfect look that goes so well with the rest of our home and decor.

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If you're more of a visual learner, I created this Reel with a more detailed process of how I shaped and secured the wreath. Feel free to check it out after this post.

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IMG 2140

And if you're not quite in the crafting mood, but want some sweet and simple wreaths for your holiday home decor, I've rounded up a few beautiful ones below.