Simple Summer Side

"Simple" seems to be a big theme around summer meals lately. With fresh veg from the garden on hand and 90 degree temperatures from now until September, it's difficult to find the motivation to stand in front of an oven for a multi-course meal. In fact, one of the best purchases we've made all year was a Weber charcoal grill. Any recipe tastes better cooked on a grill and bonus points for not having to heat up the house with the stove!

A few weeks ago, I made a no bake necessary appetizer that seemed to be a big hit with the family. Feta cheese is a perfect summer ingredient that can be crumbled, smushed, and even whipped. Add a bit of olive oil for creaminess, honey for sweetness, pita chips for a crunch and you have a fresh and fun summer appetizer.

Whipped Feta Recipe

  • 8 oz fresh feta cheese
  • 4 oz cream cheese
  • Extra Virgin olive oil
  • Honey
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • *optional – green onion
  • Pita Chips

Start by bringing your cream cheese and feta cheese to room temperature.

Pull out a food processor, blender, or bullet.

You could probably also do this with a hand mixer, it would just take a bit longer.

Add the cream cheese, feta, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp honey to your food processor.

Feta R Ecipe 2

Start blending

You'll want to start and stop to check on the consistency. I have a small Bullet so I added in only half of the cheese at a time.

If you need to make it smoother add in more olive oil a little at a time.

Feta R Ecipe 3

Try to blend until no chunks are left and the cream cheese and feta have fully incorporated.

Scrape it out of your blender with a spatula and into a serving bowl.

Feta R Ecipe 4
Feta R Ecipe 5
Feta R Ecipe 6

Make a well in the center of the cheese and add a pool of honey. If you're not using it right away you can refrigerate it for a bit, but I did find that the honey started leaking out of the well, so you might want to use it right away for optimum prettiness.

I served mine with pita chips and it was a deliciously simple, fresh summer appetizer. You can even use the leftovers on top of a burger the next day or in a grilled cheese.