Products C/O of Snowberry Beauty

This is a big one, friends. One of my resolutions this year is to share more clean beauty brands and share it in a way that’s thorough and comprehensive.

It’s a pet peeve of mine to read a blogger’s “review” of a product I’m genuinely interested in and it’s just a three paragraph post that’s a re-write of a press release. I’ve been guilty of that in the past, so, here we are, doing better.

This brand came across my radar because they reached out to me asking if I wanted to try out their products. I agreed with the caveat that I wanted to test out the products for at least a month before sharing my thoughts on them. New products sometimes take a while for my skin to positively react to them so I wanted to give them a fair chance and I’m so glad I did.

A Bit About Snowberry Beauty

It’s a New Zealand company named after a NZ plant that has been long known to soothe and heal skin. It’s a brand based in nature and derived from botanicals.

They’re a sustainable brand with a high commitment to being honest and transparent about their manufacturing process. They have a number of accolades under their belt with the most recent one being a 2019 award for Excellence in Climate Action.

This is a company I can get behind. Not only are their products clean, but their processes are as well.

Snowberry 3
Snowberry 4

What Products I’ve Used

The brand kindly sent me a care package with the three products shown above: The Gentle Cleanse and Tone Cleaner, The New Radiance Serum, and the Nourishing Lite Cream.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using all three consistently once per day for about 6 weeks now and I wanted to break them down and share what I liked and how they worked.

1. Gentle Cleanse and Tone Light Foaming Cleanser

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My skin tends to dry out with cleanser and toner combination washes so I was a bit skeptical with this one. To date, I’ve not had a dry patch from using this product.

It’s a bit of an odd consistency right out of the tube but glides on the skin nicely and smells really natural.

I hate strong scented facial cleansers and this is a lovely natural scent from the honey and kiwifruit it’s formulated from.

2. New Radiance Face Serum

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It’s only been recently that I’ve started to explore the wonderful (and expensive) world of serums. I’ve been a cleanse and moisturize type of girl my whole life.

But if there’s one product from Snowberry that I would recommend getting (if you could only purchase one) this is it.

It’s a concentrated serum with copper tripeptide complex, Kanuka honey extract from Snowberry Gardens, and Hyaluronic acid.

3. Nourishing Lite Cream

| Shop the Snowberry Nourishing Lite Cream Here |

This was my least favorite product of the three. I love rich, heavy moisturizers that sink right into my skin and for some reason this one felt a bit flimsy and at times it felt like I was applying it topically with little to no skin penetration.

Basically, I didn’t love the consistency of it and although it was still pretty hydrating I feel like it didn’t do the best job during cold temps.