Some Pretty 2019

I’ve written this entire post in my head 8 times over the last two weeks. So many words. So many thoughts to share with you all – but how to share them and when to share them is always the question.

Here we are just 9 days into the first month of the new year and I have a firmer grasp on my goals for 2019 then I ever have before thanks to some very strategic conversations with people much smarter than me.

I’ve always scratched my head at my decision to start my own business(es). I like to call myself the furtherest thing from an entrepreneur that you could find. I’m not incredibly business savvy, not overly strategic, not impressively creative…and yet at the end of 2018 I sat with two businesses that required constant creation, attention, and maintenance. I didn’t think much about their relationship to each other in 2018 – the focus was more on keeping my head above water – but as 2018 drew to a close I came to the realization that in order to truly be successful my time could not be split between both.

After lots of prayer and thinking and talking I made the decision to gradually step away from my freelance business and throw my time and energy even more into this little platform. The finality of that decision was such a relief. While I love helping clients with their SEO needs it took so much of time throughout the week that once again my blog was having to take a backseat.

Just like the blind step of faith that it took to leave my full-time job and start pursuing freelance life, diving 1,000% into this blog is scary and intimidating – but after some goal setting workshops and business planning meetings I have more clarity than ever before. And the funny thing about clarity is that once you have it, it’s really easy to be creative and strategic.

So what to expect from me, from SPT, this year –

  • A More Refined Style. I’ll be the first to admit that my head gets turned so easily by trends and styles. I can go from boho to vintage in 30 seconds. And while I love that creative freedom, it also means I have a wardrobe I don’t always love, clothes I don’t know how to style, and time wasted trying to find out what I feel like wearing on any given day. Refining my style means I can live with less, be more intentional about what I buy and how I style it, and alleviate the stress that comes from everyday styling decisions. I want to share that journey with you all because chances are some of you experience that as well!
  • Video Content! Late last year we got all the gear to create video content and this year I’m so excited to be producing quarterly lookbooks, vlogs, behind the scenes of shoots, home tours, and *hopefully* much more! In 2 weeks my Winter Lookbook will be coming both to the blog and YouTube.
  • Content to Inspire. We’re in such an era of “realness” right now (which I love!) but the reason why I blog and read other’s blogs is to be inspired. I think it’s a tricky balance of being content with our current state and also wanting to improve. I want to continue to produce content that makes people want to act. To book that trip they’ve been thinking about, to clean out their closets, to read more. I have so many thoughts on this topic (and I know my opinion isn’t held by many) but just know that I create the content I do to help inspire my audience and I’m going to be growing that in 2019.
  • A New Look. I lots of things in the works for this space and one of them is a bit of a rebrand coming later in the year. As I change and evolve, this space needs to as well. I love the simplicity of my current platform, but we have so many good ideas ready to implement.
  • Sharing Brands I Love. In both sponsored and organic posts I want to make sure my favorites are getting proper airtime.
  • Greenville Content. I love this little city of mine and since it’s getting pretty popular I’m going to update some past Greenville posts to reflect my favorite spaces around the city.
  • More Home Content. In a series of IG polls I asked what major topics you all were interested in, and home content was pretty high up on the list. Lee and I are actually looking to move into a house potentially this year – probably one that would need a bit of work – and you all will definitely come on that journey with us!

Thank you, as always for following along on SPT. I truly appreciate each and every one of you!