ONE | Target x Design Love Fest Furniture Collab

Ok, so these clearly wouldn’t work if you lived with children or pets or men, but if I had a room just to decorate in the craziest way possible I’d pick these pieces up in a heartbeat!

TWO | What Loft Dreams Are Made Of 

I live in a loft. That’s no secret and I feel like amongst loft dwellers there’s a certain level of solidarity and also thievery that goes on. Without a doubt, I’m going to steal all of these loft dweller’s ideas.

THREE | Top 100 Hotels in the World 

Let’s talk wanderlust. Not in the mood? Take a peek at some of the OTT destinations and you’ll feel the travel bug in a hurry.

FOUR | Best Sales of the Week

(in case you’re shopping for one of the above destinations)

  • Topshop: Take up to 70% off at Topshop!
  • Barneys Warehouse: Save up to 80% when you take an extra 50% off sitewide. Valid through 1/11 – 1/16.
  • Bloomingdale’s: Save 20-50% on select regular-priced items at Valid through Jan 15.

FIVE | What Is Retinol? And How To Use It. 

Ever wondered what retinol is? Truthfully, it sounds like something you would put in or on your car – just me? This article helps break it down for you.

~ Emily ~