ONE | All Things French: How to Enjoy the Month of August 

For a perfectly chic way to spend the sweltering month of August, explore the Sezane guide to official French girl summer style.

TWO | Recent Purchase: Blue Marbled Vase From Urban Outfitters 

I’ve been obsessed with the UO home goods sections for a while now. They always have a great selection of unique and often faux vintage items. We’ve bought quite a few small furniture pieces from them in the last year and most recently I picked up this blue and white vase that is going to be the perfect accent piece for our office window sill.

THREE | Fall Candles at Bath and Body Works

You all know I’m ALL about fall. The weather, smells, activities… it’s my favorite season by far. If you haven’t seen Bath and Body Works released their fall candle line this week and while I love that time of year somehow it just seems wrong smelling campfires, leaves, and apple pie in July… I’m holding out until after Labor Day at least.

FOUR | A creative (and earth-conscious) take on lollipop sticks 

Plant the lollipop sticks and watch them grow into beautiful flowers! Genius!

FIVE | Fav Color Palette in a Beautiful Mood Board 

Reminiscent of summer sunsets, the gold and ivory combo is my go-to for late summer style.