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October 12, 2018

Some Pretty Picks

in, Some Pretty Picks

Hi friends! I’m back on the blog after an amazing, week-long trip to Seattle and Portland. We were gone Wednesday to Wednesday and I have to say that is the best way to take a vacation. Leaving on a Wednesday means Monday and Tuesday of the first week FLY by. And coming back on a Wednesday makes the rest of the week super simple before the weekend hits.

This was my first time on the West Coast of the US (I’ve been to Western Canada before) and surprisingly the time difference threw me off more than I thought it would. It took about 5 days before I stopped waking up at 4 am on vacation and Thursday morning was a sleepy one for sure!

I have SO MUCH trip content to share with you all as we took 11,000 photos, but for today I wanted to keep with the usual schedule and share a Some Pretty Picks of things I found in some of my free time away!

ONE | Promptly Journal 

I may just do an entire blog post on this brand. I haven’t decided yet, but I do want to spend a minute and talk about the importance of documenting a trip. If you’re anything like me you pack so much into vacations that significant details often get forgotten as the days and months go by. This little journal has prompts for you to document your days, meals, moments, experiences, what you would do differently, etc.

I took it on this trip and sat down every evening to fill in the details and I truly think it’s going to be a game changer in years to come!

TWO | Moorea Seal Store

Ever since I bought the less expensive version of Free People Royale Flats from the Moorea Seal online store I’ve been obsessed with their merchandise. Their storefront is in Seattle so we popped in for a quick visit. I didn’t actually buy anything but I loved their displays and definitely have my eye on this hat for winter.

THREE | Travel  Jewelry Organizer

I mentioned this little nugget in my latest packing post, but this little organizer really saved my jewelry on this trip. I don’t often travel with many pieces of jewelry (and if I do I normally forget about them) but it’s nice to know they’re safe and untangled when they do come with me.

FOUR | Madewell for less than $40 

On our trip, I didn’t end up getting any souvenirs but we did pop into a Nordstrom Rack downtown Portland and I found this sweater at a fraction of the normal price. I love Madewell so finding a sweater at a price like this (in a color I was looking for anyway) was too good to pass up! (PS it’s the sweater I’m wearing in the header photo of the post!)

FIVE | Oblation Papers and Press 

We spent our last day in Portland wandering the Pearl District and stumbling across beautiful stores like Oblation Papers and Press. I could have spent hours looking at every card and skimming through every journal. I may or may not be delighted that they have an online store!

Stay tuned for lots of travel content coming your way next week! 

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