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October 26, 2018

Some Pretty Picks

in, Some Pretty Picks

This week has been a non-stop one. Lots of blog posts went up (actually only one more than normal, but it felt like a lot more) and between normal life events, client work, blog prep for holidays I don’t know if I’m going to be doing much this weekend apart from enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

ONE | Best Fall Candle

I spent a solid 30 minutes at Bath and Body Works a couple weeks ago sniffing fall candles. After picking out three to bring home I have to say their Leaves candle is my favorite! It’s subtle and a little bit apple + a little bit of spice.

TWO | Autumnal Mood Board

Neutrals and shades of white for a beautiful time of the year.

THREE | Keeping Organized for 2019

I’ve already done quite a bit of planner research for 2019 and here are the top contenders:

FOUR | DIY Halloween Front Porch Mat

A fun craft during the weekend downtime. And just in time for Halloween.

FIVE | Don’t Miss the Latest Travel Posts on the Blog

A Day on Bainbridge Island | Travels on the Amtrak Cascades | Hotel Vintage in Portland 

SIX | Prickly Pear Oil

If you have yet to hear of prickly pear oil, hold on to your hats. It’s a beauty oil that’s taking the skincare world by storm and has much to show for itself. The Sunia K Cosmetics product is 100% and made with pure ingredients.

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