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April 19, 2019

Some Pretty Picks

in, Some Pretty Picks

Wow! Welcome to Friday.

We’ve been on a mixed up work schedule this week because of the house so with days off in the middle of the week it’s seemed like the fastest week in history. Not to mention I’ve barely touched social media/my computer the last few days and that is booth weird and wonderful!

But I wanted to share a few things I’ve been loving and have seen pop up in the last week, from the best weekend sales to thoughts on the tragic Notre Dame fire.

ONE | Anthro’s Big 50% Off Sale, Sale

We just bought/are renovating a house so I currently have zero spending money but I’ve been eyeing these deals up for sure!

TWO | Goodnight Macaroon’s 40% Sitewide Sale

I will be honest with you – I’ve never ordered anything from Goodnight Macaroon, but they have cute stuff and I think it’s a rite of Instagram passage to do a try-on from them.

But a quick look through their site revealed lots of classic spring/summer items like these paperbag waist shorts and this tan dress that gives  me all the safari vibes.

THREE | Lately on the Blog

Did you catch our latest video? We’re really trying to focus on video in the not too distant future and this fun Easter video was a first step down that path.

But also, my Easter table inspo post is live as well as our first official home announcement!

FOUR | Notre Dame

Wasn’t this news just horrifying? I honestly couldn’t watch the live footage because it was making me too sad.

I’m so glad they caught it before the entire cathedral went up in flames, but the destruction is still devastating.

I’ve found it so interesting to hear some people’s reactions to the outpouring of support/money to the reconstruction efforts. Some are hopeful, others are outraged that the uber wealthy around the world are so generous with their money for this cause and not others (like poverty or ecological preservation).


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