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May 17, 2019

Some Pretty Picks

in, Some Pretty Picks

ONE | Dinosaur 13

I’m not one to just turn on the tv or start watching a movie – but for some reason I started scrolling through Hulu and the title of this documentary intrigued me. However, I was not expecting it to reel me and keep me entrenched in the story for 90 minutes. This documentary follows the story of a handful of paleontologist who found one of the most complete T-rex skeletons and then had it and their lives ripped away by the government.

It. Was. Fascinating.

TWO | Whitewashed Brick 

We have this little half brick fireplace wall in our living room and I’m currently trying to decide what to do with it. Painting it seems very… permanent, but it definitely is not staying red. Perhaps a good white wash is in order? This article from Apartment Therapy certainly has me thinking so.

THREE | A Little Weekday Wanderlust via This Is Glamorous 

On the banks of Lake Garda, Italy an elaborate villa awaits.

FOUR | And a Bit of Fashion Inspo to Go with Your Summer in Italy..

The dress for a morning on the shore

Chic shoes for strolling immaculate grounds

The purse you’ll never want to put down 

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