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February 17, 2020

Some Pretty Picks – Monday Edition

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I normally share these posts on Friday, but I didn’t get it published in time so here we are. Happy Monday, by the way. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and if you have off today for the holiday, lucky you!

Let’s dive right in because there were so many things I have been inspired by/ been loving recently.

What I’ve Been Watching:

 I don’t watch a ton of TV but I’ve seen a few things recently that were mentionable.

+ A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – starring Tom Hanks, this movie was on my “must watch” list for a while and we finally sat down last weekend to watch it. Wow! Such a good movie. It was honestly a little more intense than I had anticipated but it’s honest look at humanity and the impact one man had on a generation is phenomenal.

+ Cheer on Netflix – I’m not a documentary person so I didn’t jump on the Cheer bandwagon right away, but eventually succumb to the societal pressure. Again, such a good watch! I was actually tearing up at the end of the series. I walked away from it reminded about the power of storytelling.

What’s Been On the Blog Recently

I have so many loyal readers here but it still blows me away that some people think I only post on Instagram. Excuse me, social media is literally 2% of my content. Get yourself away from the scroll and visit some actual blogs.

So if you’re new here or haven’t stopped by in a while, let’s do a little recap: 

01 | 10×10 Challenge – 10 outfits. 10 days. 10 pieces of clothing.

Read the introduction | Visit the Recap 

02 | I talked about cultivating a new hobby ( spoiler alert, it’s all about gardening!)

Read the Post 

03 | Who doesn’t love a good organization post? I’ve been tearing through the house organizing closets and cupboards and i document the process of organizing my beauty closet in a blog post + YouTube video.

Read the Post 

Also, February’s Letter from the Editor was a real one. 

What I’ve Been Eyeing

Heading to the shops, these items may find their way into my home in the next few weeks: 

01 | New Essential Oil Diffuser Blends by Vitruvi – Velvet looks so lush

02 | This Volcom Windbreaker is so good I added it to my Shop

03 | Revamping my office and this desk situation is what I’m considering

04 | I’ve been wearing this hoodie non-stop for the last week

05 | The compact printer I’ve been eyeing went on sale and it’s 100%

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