This week has been all about NYC because *spoiler alert* I’ll be there one week from today! I haven’t been to New York in a few years and I’m so excited to go back for a ‘working’ vacation (aka 4 days of endless coffee shop shoots!) So here are a few things NYC that have peaked my interest this last week. Happy Friday!

ONE | The Most Beautiful Loft in SoHo 

I mean… these people know how to LIVE in New York!

TWO | Restaurant Week in NYC

Help me choose a restaurant! Anyone have recommendations?

THREE | Prettiest Restaurants in NYC? Count me in! 

FOUR | The Desserts of NYC and How to Eat Them All 

No joke, it’s the title of a book (that I’m currently reading) and filled with amazing little spots to try!

FIVE | And last but not least, the Top 12 Non-Touristy things to Do in NYC