Some Pretty Picks - Summer Edition

  • I pulled this dress out of the back of my closet yesterday and remembered how much I love it. There are a few sizes left but some new colors that I love. Pair it with these shoes for a perfect summer outfit.
  • Abercrombie is having a sale only through the LikeToKnowIt app. Follow me on the app to shop my favorite picks from the sale.
  • We got this entryway table in from Wayfair and it adds the perfect amount of industrial sophistication to our entry.
  • A beautiful A-frame in the Pacific Northwest as seen on the Rip + Tan site is the dreamiest home.
  • I've discovered a phrase that aptly describes our burgeoning interior design style: New England Nordic. It's a life-paced design style that combines clean, minimal lines along with cozy, more rustic elements. This Pinterest board gives a visual idea of what I mean.
  • Wallflower (my scrunchie line) is launching a new line of Vintage hair scarves on June 18th. Stay tuned on our Instagram account for a fun little surprise coming up that you can be involved in!
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  • These shoes and this sweatshirt is my new summer uniform.
  • 37 of the most beautiful hotels in the world
  • This beautiful duvet has kept us cool through the first of the summer months. It's luxurious and so cozy while not trapping in lots of heat.
  • We're starting to plan an Autumn trip to Maine and I remembered how much of a thrill it is to find amazing places to stay. This is one of the hotels we're thinking about staying in.
  • I finished this shampoo a bit ago and absolutely loved it. I was thrilled to see they just launched at Sephora.