Spicy Terracotta: The Color of Spring

Do you consider muted, earthy tones to be part of the colorful family or part of the neutral family? I keep going back and forth on what I think and have come to the conclusion that it might just live happily in both.

Either way, it's a color that I have see everywhere this spring and for a good reason. The color - a warm spice - has taken on many shades and infused into everything from home goods to resort wear. And according to color theory it evokes a sense of warmth, home, calm, and coziness.

It may not be a color that everyone can easily wear - especially if you're very conscious of how different colors may enhance or detract from your features ( I can't wear pastels) but it is a beautiful, rich color that I'm excited to bring into a few areas of my life.

For fun, here's a roundup of some of my favorite fashion and home pieces proudly displaying the warm and spicy color of spring.