How are you all doing? Happy Friday to you!

Today is a special day where I look back at the most recent 10×10 challenge and share my thoughts, what I loved and what I would change.

If you need a quick refresher about what the 10×10 challenge is and what it’s meant for, you can find all the background info in the preview from a couple weeks ago.

This post will share the outfits in the order I wore them, links to shop, and tips on how to dress yourself for a spring at home.

Let’s Look At The Outfits

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Favorite Outfit

I think outfit 1 or 3 was my favorite. I love a good sweatshirt and shorts look and besides being comfortable it was a good mix of causal without feeling sloppy. Outfit #1 turned out to be a surprising favorite. I think I liked the proportions of the look more than anything.

Favorite Clothing Item

Either my Aritzia sweatshirt or the blue stripe Grayson button up.

What Was Missing

Maybe another sweatshirt. It ended up being cooler than I had expected. Actually our weather has been all over the place. From 80s to 30s so it’s very hard to pick outfits consistent with the weather.

What Could I Do Without

I could have probably done without my jeans for the 10 days. I go through phases of loving those jeans and not loving their look. I don’t know why I can’t find a pair of go-to jeans. Still on the hunt for them though!

Top Tip on Spring Home Dressing

Honestly, a good comfy sweatshirt is a staple for spring. Chilly mornings are perfect for throwing a blanket-like sweatshirt on then as the day heats up you can take it off easily or throw on shorts.

Shop the Pieces from the Looks

A Few Notes About the Challenge

+ This challenge made me look at my warm weather basics with a critical eye. I noticed I only have 3 pairs of shorts, a handful of causal summer shirts, etc.

+ I didn’t feel like a WFH-focused challenge was too much different than the pieces I would have picked normally. My style is trending pretty causal, so you can expect to see fewer dresses and more denim shorts/sweatshirts around here.

+ I felt like the colors and tones were pretty accurate for what I’m currently wearing. I did notice all the blue/grey/white tones and have been conscious about looking for a few more warmer colors to add into my wardrobe.

+ After every challenge I’ve been able to edit my wardrobe just a little more. In anticipation of the warmer weather I pulled out all my summer clothes and went through the process of going through them in order to hone in on what I liked and what I needed to replace.