Spring 10×10 Wardrobe Preview

While I’ll be the first to admit that posts about clothing and fashion seem a tad frivolous right now – I’ve also immensely enjoyed reading slightly adaptive fashion-based posts from other bloggers. This post was coming up in my editorial calendar and instead of pushing it off, I decided to embrace the topic and look at it as a chance to educate.

If you’re not familiar with what this post is all about, it’s actually a series of quarterly posts I’m doing this year talking about how to create a capsule-style wardrobe and challenge yourself to only wear 10 items of clothing over 10 days.

Check out my Winter Edition Here

I’ll be including where to buy links to the items I’ve chosen, but just know this post is not to encourage unnecessary shopping or trying to take advantage of my readers. I’d rather you look at it as a guide. A sort of inspirational mood board.

I would encourage you 1,000 times over to shop your own wardrobe. Cultivate your personal style with the pieces of clothing you already have instead of buying every item I (or any other blogger) suggests. This is your time to figure out what you love, what you’re comfortable in, and also a chance to decide what might be better donated or sold for a bit of extra cash.

All the items shown are pieces I’ve owned for at least 6 months with the exception of my two Greyson shirts that were kindly sent by the PR team in anticipation of this post. This is not a sponsored post but most of the links are from affiliates and I may make a small commission per click and sale.

So, over the next 10 days I’ll be creating and sharing outfits based on the 10 pieces of clothing that are shown below. Because we are in a period of social distancing and virtual meetings I am gearing these outfits much more casual! Work from Home Chic is definitely the vibe here, knowing that most of you reading this are in the same position.

I’ll be recapping the challenge in 10 days here on the blog, but to keep up to date with the daily looks, be sure to follow along over on Instagram.

The Hero Pieces

10x10 Spring 1
10x10 Spring 4
10x10 Spring 2
10x10 Spring 3

Carefully selected for our volatile spring weather, these pieces are the heroes of this capsule wardrobe. They’re easy to style and even easier to wear all day at home. There are not many pieces that I reach for every season long, but these four are in my year-long wardrobe rotation.

A sweatshirt and shorts is a perfect combination when the mornings are 50s and the afternoons are 70s. Breathable button ups pair effortlessly with jeans, sweaters, shorts, and boots. And of course, light wash denim is never regrettable.

These will be the staples of my staple-based wardrobe for the next 10 days. But the other pieces are just as loved!

Shop All 10 Pieces

*gifted items denoted by c/o

10x10 spring 1 2
10x10 spring 2 2

If you’ll notice I’m not including shoes in this wardrobe. Partially because the stay at home life embraces a slippers only and also because I wear rubber boots outside and sandals otherwise on the warmer days. Nothing exciting and also nothing that adds too much to an outfit.

How to Get Started on the 10×10 Challenge for Yourself

So if this is a totally new concept for you, the best thing to do is find a few resources to walk you through how to best pick clothing that are versatile and adaptable.

This Is a Great Resource | This is a Great Example of a Challenge Finished

But a few preliminary pointers:

  • check the weather in your area for the next 10 days. You don’t want an unexpected snow storm or heat wave leave you regretting your clothing options.
  • know the rules are not hard and fast and it’s less about the challenge and more about using what you already have to create a wardrobe you love
  • pick items that work together seamlessly and you know you already wear. Those heels might not be worth including in the challenge but a pair of black flats are likely a winning piece.
  • use the hashtag #10X10challenge to follow and engage with other people who are also completing the challenge.

See you back at the end for a full recap of the outfits and pieces I picked!