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Finding an escape from the heat is priority #1 in mid-summer. And for us, one of the best ways to find a breath of fresh air is to head for the hills. Literally. We live not but 25-30 minutes from the Blue Ridge foothills and more often than not we find ourselves winding along mountain roads in search of 10 or 15 degrees cooler weather.

If you’re local to Greenville and are looking for your own mountain escape, we like to frequent Bald Rock for photos, picnics, and sometimes solitude. It’s a beautiful 35-minute drive from downtown Greenville and on the way to Ceasar’s Head State Park. But the great thing is, you don’t have to hike a mile or two to find a stunning vista and magnificent views of Table Rock.

There’s a little gravel parking area on the side of the road (it’s a little easy to miss) and four or five steps later you’re out on graffiti-covered rocks looking out toward the hills. It’s often busy but never crowded and the air is just a little fresher. For this shoot, we pulled up and heard the first peels of thunder in the distance. It never rained on us, but we did see an impressive thunderstorm (complete with lightning and a rainbow) roll through the valley below.

Lately, it’s been difficult for me to know how to dress and how to create unique and fun outfits for the blog. No kidding, I went through 3 different outfit options before settling on the look in the photos. I think it’s because I’m not quite as creative with summer outfits. You can’t layer and more often than not summer clothes come in vibrant colors that’s just not my speed.

So as I stood in front of my closet contemplating life and fashion, I reminded myself what felt like myself. Neutrals. Basics. White, denim, black, tan. It’s the color palette I feel the most comfortable in. And the one that I know how to style (mostly because you can’t go wrong).

As a result, I felt comfortable and happy (albeit a little warm) jumping from rock to rock in the mountains above Greenville. And it was a good lesson to remember.

Fashion trends can get so complicated. Between crop tops and sheer, wide legs and skinnies, mom jeans and bedazzled ones, it can get easy to lose your way. If you ever feel lost in the trends and unsure of who you are anymore, slip into something that you’ve had for years. Something that feels like you. Disregard the trends, Pinterest, Forever 21 for a moment and remember who you are in the wide world of fashion.

I guarantee, all you’ll need after that is a good old fashion closet cleanout and you’ll be back to yourself in no time!