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July 24, 2019

Summer Picnic Essentials

in, Home Inspiration

Late summertime is made for picnics and parties (if you don’t mind a few mosquito bites). Long evenings and warm breezes make for lovely outdoor entertaining events.

It’s been a couple years now, but one summer I packed up a French-inspired picnic, pulled on my favorite hat and set out to a nearby park for a late afternoon snack in woods.

Now that Lee and I have a bit of green space to call our own now, we’re looking forward to getting it prepped this fall and ready for loads of outdoor evenings next year!

But there are a few essentials I like to keep on hand that can elevate any outdoor event – if you’re entertaining a crowd or just a significant someone.

  1. The Perfect Picnic Blanket

Or you can also use it as a tablecloth if you’re going the picnic table route. There are, of course, hundreds of beautiful ones on the market but if you’re squeamish about getting a $40 tablecloth dirty one the ground, stop by your local thrift store and look for some pretty blankets – lace or crochet are always beautiful – and scoop them up for a fraction of cost.


Featured Picnic Blanket: 

This under $30 version from H&M includes a carrying strap, chic blue and white stripes, and a waterproof backing.

2. Pretty Napkins

I think styled napkins are a non-negotiable. No one wants plain paper towels – especially if the rest of the picnic is tres chic. I love and collect linen napkins like these (yay sustainability) but if you don’t want the hassle of washing them after a few brands like Rifle Paper Co has created an entire line of paper napkins that are perfect for any occasion.

Buy a set of 20 napkins for only $8 at Anthropologie or Rifle Paper Co’s online store.

3. Picnic Basket

What’s a picnic without a basket? My mom often gives fully stocked picnic baskets as wedding gifts and it’s truly a genius idea. Pretty plates, silverware, cups all securely fastened into the basket with room for all your edible goodies.

You can buy a basket like this darling one and fill it yourself or buy a pre-stocked one.

Featured Basket: 

This Seaside Newport basket is packed and ready for a picnic for two with utensils, ceramic plates, cups, cloth napkins and more! And it’s on sale.

4. Picnic Food

Pretty accessories are great but let’s be honest, a picnic is all about the food (and the company too). Use these cute containers to store your food and go crazy with finger foods, sandwiches, drinks, crackers, cheese, and fruit.


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  1. Inna
    August 1, 2019

    Summer is almost over and I haven’t gone on a picnic yet. I’m planning on making a picnic this month though, so thanks for sharing these essentials.