Nothing completes a summer outfit more than stripes. Whether you’re sporting them on a dress, scarf, shoes, or hat, striped pieces can be worn so many different ways and scream summer fun just as much as pool parties, ice cream, and fireworks.

Some of my favorite striped pieces are ones that I’ve gathered over the years and use as staples in my closet. I find myself reaching for the stripes if I need some extra oomph in my outfit and the solids just aren’t working for me.

I do prefer vertical, small stripes as opposed to large, graphic stripes, but you can find whatever fits your fancy at just about any price point out on the market. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite striped pieces for this season below and divided them into two categories: splurge and save.

You know my philosophy on shopping: save up, buy the nicer pieces that will last you years to come. However, if you’re not really a stripe person but want to try it out, go for something simple like a fancy tee or a sweet skirt.