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June 29, 2020

Summers At Home

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summer hats for women | San Diego Hat Company

While this summer is shaping up to be a bit different than normal – lots more staying at home! – that’s no excuse not to make it a beautiful time. From inflatable pools to revive your childhood memories to all the accessories for a backyard picnic, these are my top picks for a lovely little summer at home.

Canvas Tote Bag

While most Southern women can be seen toting around straw and wicker bags all summer long, my picks are bit more versatile. A sturdy canvas tote is one of my most used summer accessories – with uses for them including everything from hauling groceries to toting lake essentials.

Inflatable Pool

If you’re like me and have no immediate access to a private pool throughout the dog days of summer, a mini inflatable one might just be the perfect summer accessory.

This one is available for pre-order from Mididip X The Everygirl and it’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

*photo via The Everygirl

Sun Protection

Now that we’re all painfully aware of how damaging the sun actually is, sunscreens, sun hats, and even sun guards may be necessary for even seasoned summer enjoyers.

+ San Diego Hat Co is one of my favorite affordable straw hat brands

+ I use this sunscreen/tinted moisturizer on my face daily

+ I’ve also heard good things about this sunscreen 

+ Protect your eyes and don’t forget about your sunglasses 

+ Rash guards aren’t just for the surfers, protect yourself even further with a cute one like this


Outdoor Living

When the sun dips and the twinkle lights come on, you know it’s time to pull up a chair, pull out the grill, and enjoy a summer evening outside with a few essentials.

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