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From basket bags to statement earrings, it can be challenging to keep up with the rapid-fire pace of accessory trends. Normally I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon for the latest and greatest accessories, but in the case of this year’s most versatile accent piece, I may have gone a little overboard recently.

summer scarves

I’m talking about the classic neck scarf. These fun little squares first hit the scene late last summer died down a bit for the winter months, but they’re back and better than ever for your spring, summer, and fall outfit pairings.

I’ve really fallen for this trend because they add a level of sophistication to any outfit, no matter if you’re in jeans and a t-shirt or heels and a dress. And chances are there is a scarf and a style for every mood you’re in. Feeling a bit like a Roman Holiday? Kick up your heels, tie a strand of silk around your neck a la everyone’s favorite Hepburn and grab the nearest Vespa. Want to spice up your arm candy? An easy-to-tie scarf can be wrapped twice and used as a statement accessory around your wrist.

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Tie your hair back with one for a 50s vibe, wrap it around the handle of your bag to add a little flair, even use it as a belt, headband, or turban if the situation calls for it.

And that is why I’m head over heels for the summer’s most versatile accessory – not to mention you can buy beautifully patterned or simple silk scarfs for a fraction of the price of that new bag you’ve been eyeing.

Or you can go my route where I search the local thrift shops for fun patterns and fancy brands. I’ve found Gucci for pocket change and vintage silks for not much more.

Do yourself a favor and pick up one in a versatile color like ivory, marigold, or mauve and start pairing it with your favorite outfits. You’ll be surprised how they can instantly elevate your look.

~ Emily ~