Sundays Nail Polish

I've never been one to collect or even frequently use nail polish. I'm pretty rough on my hands with daily activities like washing dishes, cooking, and gardening and I don't often think about keeping my nails perfect. But up until about a year ago, I had a pretty solid collection of Essie and OPI polishes that I kept on hand, just in case.

In 2020 I, like most people, had more time on my hands so I found that painting my nails was a fun little evening activity. But the more I used the polish, the more I noticed the strong fumes from both the polish and the remover. A bit of research showed I was more or less killing off brain cells with the amount of toxins found in normal nail polish. Like, it's actually astounding how many toxins are in conventional nail polish.

After some quick Googling I found some beautiful brands of non-toxic nail polish - like Sundays. Fast forward a couple months I'm now the proud owner of two of their nail polish colors as well as the nail polish remover and I wanted to share my unbiased thoughts on them.

The Colors I Own & How They Last

  • no 7 – described as a Warm Nude that has some pink undertones. It looks beautiful both in the bottle and on my nails. It's that perfect blend of subtle but classy.
  • no. 17 – Cherry Red that's not quite berry but not quite fire engine. It's a statement color but a beautiful shade of red that looks great on.

I am no expert at painting my nails and I don't take the time to use a base coat, top coat, etc. (although Sundays does sell those!) but I have been so impressed with the staying power of these polishes. They last a full week for me without chipping - especially if I apply two coats.

Sunday Studio 6
Sunday Studio 3
Sunday Studio 2

What Non-Toxic Nail Polish Means

According to my research there are different levels of non-toxic. Sundays is a 10-free company meaning they formulate their products without 10 of the high toxic ingredients used in conventional nail polishes.

There are a few companies that do create a 12-free nail polish - like ORLY and Emma - but I've not tried them personally.

Sunday Studio 5
Sunday Studio 4
Sunday Studio 1

Without a doubt I'm going to continue to buy the Sundays nail polish. They have some of the most beautiful colors, stick well, and are free from the scents that give me a headache. Plus, their nail polish remover smells like grapefruit not rubbing alcohol and that's a huge bonus for me.

If you want to see an application of the polish, check out my newest Reel, or shop the colors on my Amazon storefront.