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Sunset Hues for Summer

Sunset hues for summer. Is there anything more appropriate?

Reminiscent of warm summer evenings, golden hours by the water, and after-storm sunsets, clothing in deep golden hues are made for the summer. In a recent Prime Wardrobe try-on, this dress caught my attention. It’s on the pricy end of the dress buying spectrum, but once you slip into the silky fabric it’s like you’re wearing a pillowcase (in the best way possible).

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I was actually surprised by how much I liked the color. You all know by now, but I always lean toward a neutral wardrobe – maybe, now that I think of it, to make room for special, once in a lifetime pieces like this Halston dress.

Jewel tones are universally flattering in my opinion, whereas pastel hues can be tricky with different skin tones.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite warm, jewel toned pieces because even if it’s just a scarf, I think it’s a color everyone should try out at least once in the summer.

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