The 4 Elements of a Cozy Bedroom

I think one of the reasons I love the colder weather is because I have this insane desire to be cozy. I’m excessively claustrophobic but I love small spaces in big rooms. But even if your weather isn’t cooperating there are a few essentials to help make a space a bit more cozy.

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Books and More Books

There’s nothing better than the company of a good book on a chilly evening and we’ve made it our mission to add as many books to our library as possible over the next years of our life. We love thrifting books – especially hardback books – discarding the jackets and letting their beautiful linen covers have their time in the spotlight.

For me, books are not just for reading they’re also amazing pieces of decor that we have integrated into our bedroom, living room and even kitchen. From cookbooks to novels, we’re collecting a little something of everything and stacks of beautiful books inherently make a space feel cozier.

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High Quality Bedding

I’ve been a Target bedding type of a girl for most of my adult life and to be fair, there’s nothing wrong with Target bedding. But boy… I didn’t know what I was missing out on by not have a bit higher quality sheets in my life.

So so kindly a new-to-me brand called Huut Bedding reached out a bit ago and asked if I wanted to try out a bedding set. A quick glance through their website had me ready with a quick response of yes! We ordered the Organic Sateen Sheet set and as soon as it came in it went through the washer and onto the bed.

Sleeping is glorious. It always has been, but man do these sheets make you want to curl up and never get out. (Which is sometimes a problem in the morning.)

If you’re looking for an upgrade that won’t cost an arm and a leg, or if you’re getting married and want someone else to purchase and furnish your home for you, their whole bedding collection is a must purchase in my opinion.

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Texture and Warmth

You know what’s cozy? Chunky knits and sheepskins and fleece and wool. I love to mix and match textures in the fall and winter to give the bedroom a bit more depth and layer. Textures invite you to sink in with a bedtime cup of tea and put on a favorite show or grab a lovely novel.

Add texture in your smaller elements if you don’t want to invest in a new quilt or comforter. Buy a throw pillow or two and layer on the lap blankets at the end of the bed. Even if you take them off for sleeping it’ll add a warm and inviting look to your bedroom.

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Soft Lighting

Does anyone else remember the days of trying to make dorm rooms look cozier by stringing Christmas tree lights around the edges of the room? Lights have a huge effects on how we view and feel in a room.

I love our bedside lamps because of their soft, warm glow but we decided one of our next home projects is a bit of a bedroom update with bedside sconces to add a more luxurious touch to the room.

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