The Definitive Guide to Spring + Summer Hats

I have always been a lover of hats. Sun hats, floppy hats, baseball hats, fedoras, ranchers . . . They add a certain something to an outfit. An easy accessory that serves a purpose in the warmer weather.

Over the years, I’ve amassed a fair collection of hats and today I’m pulling out a few favorites to show how to wear and style them for the upcoming season.


  • How to Style a Fedora, Sun Hat Baseball Hat, and Rancher for Summer 2020
  • Links to shop my favorite hats
  • Why wearing hats may just be the best thing for your skin
Hats for Spring and Summer 2 scaled
Hats for Spring and Summer 3 3 scaled


I love this hat style because it’s versatile and easy to pack for summer beach trips. You know when some hats just a feel a little extra? (i.e. huge sun hats) Fedoras are just easy to wear and since they’re a little more compact they’re very flattering for lots of face shapes and hair styles.

Wear a fedora with everything from a swimming suit to a linen dress. I love the look of a smaller brimmed hat with a low bun and a shirt with a collar.

Hats for Spring and Summer 1 4 scaled 2
Hats for Spring and Summer 1 3 scaled 2


Is there anything that screams summer more than a floppy sun hat? This one from San Diego Hat company has been in my collection for about 2 years now and it’s my go-to summer hat. I love its beach-time woven look and it looks great with pretty much any color of shirt or dress.

A bonus is that it’s extremely flexible so you can fold it up in a carry on or suitcase for your next big trip to Mexico or Florida – even if that is in 2021.

Hats for Spring and Summer 2 4 scaled
Hats for Spring and Summer 2 3 scaled


Honestly, this tan baseball hat is the most worn hat of my collection. I have worn it everywhere (from the mountains of North Carolina to a ferryboat in Seattle) and it has yet to disappoint. I also wore it consistently when we were renovating the house.

To keep it clean I just throw it in the wash and let it air dry. Style it with workout clothes, causal clothes, or even a shirtdress and sneakers for a laid-back but dressed up casual look.

If you don’t have a plain baseball hat in your wardrobe, it might be time to spend a few dollars on something that never goes out of style.

Hats for Spring and Summer 3 4 scaled
Hats for Spring and Summer 4 3 scaled


A rancher, essentially a felt hat with a stiff brim, can be worn all year round and adds a certain edge to any outfit. I’ve worn this exact hat with everything from sweaters to shorts. It’s not the most packable piece because of the stiff brim, but if you do have the urge to take it on a trip, turn it upside down in the suitcase and fill the inside with scarves or shirts to help maintain its shape.

Hats for Spring and Summer 1 5 scaled
Hats for Spring and Summer 1 6 scaled

Why Wear Hats?

Hats not only provide an extra bit of style to an outfit they also are a powerful defense against sun damage. We don’t often talk about accessories as a skincare measure, but more recently I’ve seen things like sun shirts, long sleeve bathing suits, and hats come up in discussions about how to protect from harsh sun exposure and damage.

Too much sun, especially at one time, can cause irreparable damage and even the potential for greater health risks like cancer if not taken seriously. At the very least, sunscreen is an important skincare step, especially going into the summer months but if you’re heading out to the beach, pool, or lake go ahead and grab a hat (no matter the style) as an extra measure of skincare protection and health!