The J.Crew Revival

Back in high school and college I was – along with every other 17 year old in the country – a HUGE J.Crew fan.

After a bit of reminiscence, I really wish I had more photos of myself in college because my style was on point. I went to a small private university where the dress code was skirts and dresses every day for women. It was an annoyance at times but it really forced me to stretch my personal style.

J.Crew was an excellent place to shop because of their classic, timeless silhouettes - thanks Jenna Lyons!

But then J.Crew fell off a bit in both style and quality. I stopped shopping the brand for years, but recently their revival has been knocking it out of the park.

Screen Shot 2022 08 29 at 3 59 35 PM
Screen Shot 2022 08 29 at 4 00 03 PM

*photos pulled from J.Crew.com

If your style is anything like mine for the autumn/winter season, it might be time to fall back in love with J.Crew. Their basics look to be truly fantastic again and I have my eye on the ruffled sweater as the perfect feminine basic for the upcoming Autumn season.