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February 6, 2017

The White Box

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the white box

Welcome to Monday! And to all my brides, welcome to another week of wedding decisions. Today I want to introduce you to two wonderful ladies and an amazing business that both celebrates and de-stresses the entire wedding planning process. If you’re anything like me and want to be as hands-on as possible with your wedding planning process (i.e. don’t want to hire a wedding planner) Carrie and Michelle and The White Box is your perfect solution.

I was first introduced to the company at an open house for the most darling wedding dress shop in downtown Greenville, The White Magnolia, and knew I had to share their abilities and ideas with you!

the white box

Describe The White Box in three words.  

Wedding planning toolkit!

What’s the inspiration behind The White Box? 

We took inspiration from the interior design industry and the idea of direct-to-consumer design packages. These packages included custom design recommendations based on style and budget. We quickly realized how well this idea translated into the wedding industry and the concept for The White Box was born.

Simultaneously, we found that the way couples plan their wedding was changing. We noticed that couples who may not be able to afford a full-service planner but still had a clear sense of style and vision, also craved creative control over the things that mattered most to them.

By marrying customized resources suited to their unique needs with expert guidance, couples achieve both through a one-of-a-kind planning experience.

the white box the white box

What’s your vision for The White Box?

We want to be a friend to our couples by lending an ear and to provide our best practices for planning to help keep couples on track, within their budget – 70% of couples go over budget these days – and educated throughout the process. 

We give couples the tools and resources they need to feel confident making decisions throughout the process. We also want to take all of their ideas and inspirations and turn them into a cohesive, styled plan so that their wedding day is as beautiful, warm, and inviting as they had imagined it would be.

What’s your process for creating the perfect wedding in a box?

The experience begins with an online wedding questionnaire where couples describe their vision, style, and budget. From there, we chat with the couple on the phone, analyze their Pinterest board and really get to the heart of their style. After that, we customize a truly personalized road map into planning their wedding.

The box arrives within 3 weeks including an inspiration board, design samples (invitations samples, linen swatches + bridesmaid dress fabrics), menu plans, tactical checklists, a signature drink recipe, and more!

From concept to package creation, we curate every White Box to be a direct reflection of a couple’s unique vision. These items really help couples feel organized and provide them the confidence they need to execute their wedding, as well as give them the best practices in planning and a step by step plan to follow along with. Our “Little White Book” filled with insider tips for planning, as well as a month-by-month guideline to make sure couples are staying on track to bring their vision to life.

After the box arrives they are invited to an online dashboard of planning tools which help keep them on track throughout the process.

the white box the white box

Describe your process for capturing a bride’s vision.

We ask a lot of great questions!

Questions that don’t just focus on the logistical things like guest count and wedding date, but deeper questions to really get to know the couple. We ask about their relationship, how they met and got engaged, as well as things like where they shop for clothes, what their favorite restaurants are and what their ideal date night would be.

We have an intimate working relationship with every one of our couples and are partners in their planning journey. From there we analyze these responses and spend the time researching to create a one-of-a-kind wedding tailored to their specific needs, style, and budget. Couples should leave their wedding feeling like it was “so them”.

Our vow to clients is to not only make the wedding planning process seamless but also enjoyable so that they can truly enjoy their engagement and the celebration to come.


So perfect, right? Brides, I would highly suggest getting online and purchasing a box and Carrie and Michelle’s creative expertise! You’ll never regret making the wedding planning process easier and these ladies are the best in the business!

Check out more of their beautiful photos and loads of wedding inspiration on their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Happy Planning!

~ Emily ~

Photos via The White Box

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  1. February 7, 2017

    Wow!! I wish I knew about this when I was planning my wedding! Though I do know a few ladies with weddings this year so I will definitely pass it along! Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. February 7, 2017

    Definitely sounds like a cool gift for anyone planning a wedding! Love that it has an inspiration board. :]


  3. February 7, 2017

    This is the coolest thing! I wish I had something like this when I was getting married, such a great idea.

    Lee Anne

  4. February 8, 2017

    What a cool idea! I got married a few months ago and wish I would’ve known about this.

  5. February 8, 2017

    This is the cutest and most thoughtful little box! I love it!