To a T(3): Tools to Create my Favorite Summer Looks

Hair Straightener (c/o) | Hair Brush (c/o) | Hair Clips (c/0)

If there’s one hair tool I’ve always wished I could own it was the T3 hair straightener – ok, the Dyson blow dryer is a close second. Unashamedly, I’ve been influenced by influencers with the T3 line of hair tools. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous – we photographers love aesthetics after all – but they’re supposed to be the premier product on the market.

Kindly, I received a set of the T3 products to photograph and while using them I actually threw my college days straighter away and vowed my devotion to the brand.

T3 11
T3 4

Here’s just a quick breakdown of why they’re great:

  1. They turn off after 1 hour automatically. How many times have I left the hose and wondered – did I turn that iron off? Did I unplug my straightener? I’m not proud of it but sometimes I panic, run back to the house, verify it’s off, and leave again. Yes – that’s my life.
  2. It makes your hair nice and shiny. I’m sure if you read the product description on the website you’d find out why, but all I know is that it really does help the shine and texture of hair after you use it.
  3. You can curl and straighten. I guess you can technically do it with all straighteners but this one has a cool chord that spins around so you’ll never get tangled when you’re curling your hair.
T3 2
T3 1
T3 5 2

They also sent along little clips to section off your hair while styling – it’s nice but I’m not sure if I would buy them myself considering I usually just use a scrunchie or clips I already own. Old habits die hard. But the second big star of the show is the vent brush. It feels like a massage on my scalp when I use it and I’ve used it pretty much every day now.

T3 2 2
T3 6