Travel Photo Diary: Isle of Palms

Vacations and trips look a bit different right now. Last year and early 2020 we were planning an Ireland adventure, but obviously those planned changed after March of this year.

We'll get there soon enough, but as an alternative we decided to take a drive and visit Isle of Palms in Charleston for a few days to relax on the beach.

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The long weekend was spent in sweatshirts and sandals – not because it was chilly, but because it's cozy.

We loaded up on books before leaving home and spent the whole time reading or exploring local bookshops. Coffee was also involved, because you can't have one without the other on vacation.

Book Recommendations:

  • One Day in December - Josie Silver
  • Two Lives of Lydia Bird - Josie Silver
  • American Royals – Katherine McPhee
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And, of course, it's always lovely to see my old friend, The Ocean, from time to time. Chairs propped in the sand, sea breeze tangling through the hair, picking up shells you'll never find a use for – it's all the more fun with no thought of the hour or agenda to fulfill.

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Perhaps eating on vacation is the most enjoyable activity to plan out. We planned carefully and had two of the best meals we've had all year. If you're in Charleston and on the hunt for food, do look up reservations for Obstinate Daughter and Post House Inn.

And if you're an Outer Banks (the Netflix show) fan, the cast and crew were filming right outside Post House the same night we strolled there for dinner so keep an eye out for the Inn's charming exterior shots in the show's fictional town of Kildare.

Then if you're wandering the shops of King Street, Harken Cafe and Bakery is a charming, quiet little spot that immediately had me drawing up plans for a Greenville bookshop, greenhouse, and cafe.

And no vacation is complete without letting your mind be free to wander for a bit. I personally love letting mine roam free then have a notebook handy to capture thoughts and ideas.

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