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No matter the time of year or occasion, a cardigan is truly one of the most timeless pieces you can have in your wardrobe.

And a long-time cardigan is particularly flattering on any body type. I keep a cardigan at my desk to throw on if it's too chilly or don one in the morning if it's a work from home type of day. They're versatile and can instantly elevate an outfit so even if you're wearing leggings and a tee it looks a bit more posh while still staying comfy.

Today's look are inspired by one particular cardigan – unfortunately one that's out of stock – but is truly one of my favorite year-round cozy pieces. I have linked some similar, affordable options through the post.

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Outfit Formula | Tee + Jeans + Boots + Cardigan

I can't think of a scenario ( maybe a wedding) where a look like this isn't perfect. It's casual, comfortable, yet effortless and shows you've put a little thought into your look.

Style your cardigan over a simple tee shirt and add some necklaces for a statement. Your favorite pair of jeans will be perfect and chelsea boots will last you through fall and winter.

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For more tips on styling and outfit ideas for the fall and coming winter months, my Fall Outfit Ideas and Some Pretty Style boards on Pinterest are full of inspiration!

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