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Updating My Skincare Routine

My skincare routine tends to always be in a bit of a flux. I have my favorites, sure, those tried and true products that always just work with my skin. But I love discovering new products and brands to add to my arsenal for personal use or recommendations.

A new-to-me brand recently popped up on my radar and I’m a bit ashamed to say their packaging is what attracted me to the brand at the jump. What can I say, I’m a sucker for good branding.

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The brand Botanics – now sold at Ulta! – harnesses the power of natural (botanical) ingredients to create a products that nourish your skin without chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

With six total product collections that target everything from brightening to anti-aging, their products are well-priced and work oh so well.

The brand was so kind to gift me some of the Brightening collection and after using them for a couple weeks I saw why they’re quickly becoming a favorite brand. The Brightening collection is formulated with hibiscus which is gentle on the skin (no redness here) and gradually refines the skin’s overall texture.

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So as winter turns to spring and my skin needs a little refresh, I’m for sure going to be reaching for the Botanics beauty products for that extra bit of TLC. Currently, my full on skincare routine looks like this:

If you’re looking to update, recharge, or even overhaul your skincare routine, take a gander through the Botanics beauty site or visit your local Ulta and see them for yourself.

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