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April 7, 2020

How I’m Using Pinterest in Uncertain Times

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I’ve long since abandoned the idea that Instagram alone is going to be a money maker/high traffic avenue for my blog. I view it as an extension of my blog. It’s a great place to connect with people that like my content and get feedback from my audience. Brands look at the platform first (it seems) to determine if I’m a good fit as a partner, so there’s no denying the value of it.

But my real focus (outside my blog) is Pinterest. Believe me when I say there’s much more to the app than Insta Pot recipes.

Today on the blog:

+ How Pinterest Has Inspired Me Recently

+ What to Do With Pinterest Inspiration

+ How to Get Started on Pinterest









What to Do With That Inspiration

I think some people are blessed with much more abundant bouts of creativity than others. My desire to be creative ebbs and flows but a sure way to spark an idea or concept is to take a deep dive into something beautiful.

I’ll throw on a modern classical playlist on Spotify, empty my mind, and start down a Pinterest rabbit hole. I pull and pin photos that move me in some way – or ones I just think are pretty. This can go on for days with no concrete action plan created from it.

But inevitably, after some time, something incredible happens. Those images, ideas, compositions sit in your subconscious for a bit and start to merge and move and create an idea, an idea that you’ll be able to work with.

As a blogger, those ideas are golden and can be turned into blog posts, blog shoots, Instagram photos, and brand assets. For a small business owner, you might tweak the visual direction of your brand or try something new that better captures your ethos.

This inspiration is very much akin to the creative sparks felt while wandering a museum, flipping through a beautiful magazine, or attending a concert. Don’t dismiss the importance of those moments. Believe me when I say the marketing checklists and analytic victories are not completed or won with lackluster visuals and tired captions.

How to Get Started on Pinterest


+ Claim Your Website 

Make sure Pinterest knows you. By creating a business account and claiming your website you’ll be able to post rich pins

+ Create a Profile Rich in Descriptions 

Tell people who you are and what you’re about in both profile and board descriptions that are keyword rich and easy to read.

+ Build Boards Based on Your Niche Content 

Pinterest loves specific content. Create unique, specific boards if you see your content trending one direction or another. For instance I have multiple “style” boards but I recently created a “Work From Home Outfits” board because I’ve been posting so many causal, WFH looks.

+ Pin Consistently

Even if it’s just 5 pins per day, keep at it. Just like Instagram, sporadic content creation doesn’t help anyone out.

+ Use A Scheduling Platform

I use Tailwind every day and it’s saved me probably about 2 hours a day for the last 3 years now. No kidding. It allows me to upload and optimize my pins right in the platform then schedule out content for the next 2 weeks without thinking twice about it. Use this link for a free month if you’d like to try it for yourself.

+ Grow in the Direction Your Audience Wants

Believe it or not my highest performing pins month over month are promoting the free desktop backgrounds I find and curate at the beginning of the month. Analytics proved these pins are so high performing I brought the series back early last year and those posts consistently bring in high traffics number for my blog.

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