Vintage Scarf Launch

Today's post is a special one because I want to introduce you to the latest Wallflower collection launch. If you're not familiar with Wallflower it's an Etsy shop my mom and I launched about a year ago selling handmade, luxury scrunchies and hair accessories. Late 2020 we stumbled across a whole collection of these beautiful vintage scarves and hankies and decided instead of letting them go to waste we would turn them into collections of Vintage hair accessories.

Today, Volume 1 of that collection has gone live in our Shop and we're so excited to share that they are available to purchase.

Below I wanted to share the unique and beautiful designs with you and also my favorite ways to style them.

The Betka Hair Scarf

A beautiful scalloped edge, eyelet cotton scarf, this tiny little lady is creamy white and filled with the most beautiful details.

Eyelet creates darling patterns along the border and the fabric itself is light and airy for optimum movement in your hair.

Style Tips:

  • Perfect for a ponytail or half up hairstyle.
  • Looks beautiful tied on a wicker purse
  • You could loop it around a fresh bouquet of wildflowers as a gift for a friend.

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The Lohr Hair Scarf

Perfect for picnics in the park, chasing sunsets, or watching the rain fall with a good book, this delicate blue floral hair scarf is the perfect accessory for any cottage core inspired lady.

Darling hand embroidered flowers adorn the edges and create a beautiful pattern no matter which way to tie it.

Style Tips:

  • Fold longways into thirds to be used as a bookmark for any Austin novel
  • Tie off the end of your gardening braid with an elastic and this simple scarf
  • Lay around the brim of a hat for an elevated look

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The Mallory Hair Scarf

A snappy and bold sunflower print stands out in the middle of this scarf making it the perfect summertime accessory. We're here to make grandmacore and grandmillennialism chic again and this scarf will do the job nicely.

Style Tips:

  • Looks practically perfect tied around the wrist with the rest of your bangles and baubles
  • Works best paired with bright colors and a sunny disposition
  • It was made for the handle of your thrifted wicker basket bag

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The Hunter Hair Scarf

It's all about the power of pink. This little lady packs a punch with its bunches of fine pink flowers sprinkled across the cotton canvas. It's a lovely excuse to wear the color and can be seen from miles away.

Pick your favorite way to wear it from tied in a bun a la your favorite librarian or tied around your neck for a little more jazz.

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The Barb Hair Scarf

What could be better than daisies? Subtle and sweet this vintage hair scarf is made for a garden party with your closest friends.

Bring out the cucumber sandwiches and the lemonade for a memory making golden hour.

Style Tips:

  • Excellent to keep the stray hairs off your neck and away from the heat
  • Tie around a candle that doubles as a bug repeller
  • Use it wave your dear friends off with a send off worthy of the magical evening you've just had

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The Karlee Hair Scarf

Ruffled edges, petite embroidered flowers, and a whimsical design gives this little scarf the power to completely change an outfit if necessary.

Our XX hair scarf is perfect for an accent on your belt loop, wrapped around a ponytail, or tied under a hat for a day of adventuring. It's both rugged and delicate and is ready for a new set of adventures.

Shop The Scarf

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If you're looking for a birthday gift, friend gift, early Christmas gift, we'd be thrilled if you visited our Etsy shop and took a look around. Also, be sure to follow us over on Instagram for fun promos, more content and to keep up to date with the latest launches.