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Wardrobe Staples for Women: Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of our Wardrobe Staples series. If you missed Part 1 you can read it here.

I wanted to do a deep dive into a few items (twelve, in fact) that I feel are essential building blocks in any woman's wardrobe. We talked last week about the importance of having these staples in your wardrobe and just to reiterate these are not the only items I'm suggesting you buy or invest in.

However, if you are doing a closet purge or seasonal shopping spree and you don't have any number of these items, I would recommend filling your wardrobe holes with these basics.

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Rain coat

Four More Wardrobe Staples

ONE | Sweatshirt

TWO | Rain Jacket

THREE | Nice Dress

FOUR | Black Dress

Let's just dive right in, shall we?


I'm not sure how many people categorize sweatshirts as a closet staple, but I certainly do. Sweatshirts, whether they are half-zip, crewnecks, or hoodies, are the most robust section of my wardrobe.

This sweatshirt is an Amazon-brand Daily Rituals that's the perfect mid-weight for late summer and early fall. It's easy to throw on with shorts, over a dress, jeans for the fall and sweatpants for cozy days.

If you're not convinced of a sweatshirt's versatility, you can visit this Pinterest board with lots of sweatshirt outfit ideas.

Favorite, Versatile Sweatshirts

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Rain Jacket

During the process of researching this series on Google I ran across data that said rainy day capsule wardrobe was a highly searched term.

Honestly, for as much as it rains in Greenville, especially in the spring and fall, it's a search term that makes sense. Until I had a collection of actually water-repellent clothing I highly disliked finding outfits for rainy days.

But, I think that just reinforces my point that a rain coat is not an optional piece of clothing, no matter where you live. Even in the dead of summer a rain coat still comes in handy to throw over your shoulders during that unexpected downpour.

Three Tips to Picking a Good Rain Coat

  1. Make sure it has a hood
  2. Pick one that extends at least to mid-thigh or your knees
  3. Ensure it's actually meant to repel water with a rubberized outer material
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A Nice Dress

While this is a bit of a generic category, the bit I want to emphasize is a dress you pull out for the date nights, vacation dinners, work parties, and events. This is your go-to, fits with a fuss, versatile but elevated dress.

For me, it's my newest acquisition from Sezane, the Erell Dress in Caramel. It's a beautiful silk dot dress that fits perfectly, is easy to wear, doesn't need a slip or shape wear or anything special and is really beautiful when worn.

It's actually in Sezane's sale archives at the moment and fully stocked in lots of sizes.

This may be a black or navy dress. It may be a maxi, multi-print dress that does you no wrong. Whatever it is for you, pull it out and give it a good once over. Are there any tear or stains? Is it starting to look worn? Does it still fit as well as it once did?

If all the boxes are ticked, give it an air out and put it back in your closet, if it's time for a refresh, start looking for a replacement!

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Black Dress

While most people might lump a black dress into the category above, I wanted to make them distinct because there are so many wardrobe situations where a casual black dress is my saving grace.

This ribbed midi black dress has been with me for two years now and it's become a three season dress - spring, summer, and fall.

A black, casual dress can be worn for a Saturday farmer's market stroll, through a work day, or just running errands. It's not glamorous, doesn't require fussing, and I throw a sweatshirt over and tennis shoes on for maximum coziness.

A sweatshirt dress, t-shirt dress or ribbed stretch dress in black is a must-have for your wardrobe staples' checklist.

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