We Bought a House!

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram I wanted to share this news on the blog as well! That’s right, you’re talking to a first time home owner now.

Our house hunting process starting around Christmas last year. We LOVE our loft apartment in Greenville but the price was getting a little outrageous to live there. Basically when we sat down and had a hard look at our costs we realized we could be paying equal or less on a mortgage for a fairly nice house.

There are, of course, perks to just renting but the more we thought about owning a home the more excited we became.

Things started to get real for us in mid-February when we met with a real estate agent and started touring homes for sale around Greenville. Initially our timeline was a little longer since our lease isn’t up until the middle of the summer, but the house market in Greenville is hot right now so we were advised to be prepared to move quickly on a house if we found one we liked.

We toured 7 or 8 homes in total and found a style that we knew would really suit our needs. Since both Lee and I often work from home having a big office space was key. The house we purchased was actually one of the first ones we saw on Zillow ( we were on Zillow multiple times a day!) but we weren’t too familiar with the area and kept pushing it off.

We finally scheduled a tour and the evening before did a drive by to familiarize ourself with the area. Although it’s only about 6 minutes from where we currently live, we were so lost and I was not excited to tour it the next day.

Ahhh… how things change.

We walked into the house the next day and it was very obvious this was a top contender for us.

Long story short we decided to put in an offer and after several negotiations came to a final price that both parties were comfortable with and (more or less) the house was ours.

And now here we are.. just a few days into being homeowners and have already torn up all the carpeting and ripped out two walls. So yes, this house came with plenty of projects and we are in the process of finalizing a construction loan to give us available funds to do some of the major work right off the bat.

But we couldn’t be any happier with the house and the property! We own about a third of an acre and the house itself is a little over 2,000 square feet so it has plenty of room for us to have guest rooms, a photography studio/closet, office, and our bedroom!

It was so clear that God lead us to this place and we’re praising Him for the timing of the entire process. Our hope and prayer is that He’ll use this house and property for His glory and we can turn it into a beautiful testament to His goodness in our lives.

If you’re interested in home content, I’m so excited to start a home series here on the blog – sharing our projects, updates, home tips, and even the amazing brands I partner with!

But in the meantime, I’ll be sharing daily updates over on Stories that will be saved to a Highlight in bio called Home Renovation. And if you follow me over on Pinterest you’ll be able to see some Home Inspo content I’ve been pinning as we start the design process.