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December 1, 2018

Welcome to Blogmas 2018

in, Blogmas Holidays

What is Blogmas? It’s a celebration of the holiday season with a new, festive-themed post every day from now until Christmas Eve right here on Some Pretty Thing. For years now I’ve been following YouTubers who participate in vlogmas and find the monthly series so enjoyable to watch. Bloggers have done it for a while (I’m not sure if it’s quite as popular as vlogmas) but since I’m really the vlogger-type yet, I decided to take to the blog and create the written form of the festivities.

It has been quite fun to plan and execute, even though I only decided I was going to participate a few ago! I think overall holiday content may be my favorite to create. There’s just something so magical about twinkle lights, snow, presents, and the spirit of the season!

Every day here you can expect something fun and new. From plenty of gift guides for every person in your life to a special Greenville Guide to Christmas,  check back every day for a bit of Christmas cheer! Also, follow me over on Instagram and Pinterest as I’ll be doing my best to update you all with new content and Instagram Stories of our holiday fun.

Let me know in the comments what you’re most excited about during the holidays? If you blog as well share your blogs so I can follow along! 

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