A day in the life of a creative business owner looks a little like what you would expect and nothing like you would expect. Sure I'm out and about taking photos, creating content, going to meetings, but the majority of my time is spent typing on my laptop, scribbling in notebooks, and posting on social media.

It's not very glamorous.

Which is why the items I carry around with me all day are both functional and inspirational. I often work at my desk in my home office, but you can find me a couple times a week working from local coffee shops so my work bag has to be ready to go at all times.

Today's post is dedicated to the items in my bag that I use on a daily basis - both at home and out in the world - that I could not live without.

My Everyday Carry Items for 2021

  • Laptop
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • AirPods
  • Pen / Pencil
  • Large Notebook
  • Mask
  • Backpack
  • Keys
  • Scrunchie
Whats in my bag 2021 1
Whats in my bag 2021 3
Whats in my bag 2021 4

Why These Items for Working in a Coffee Shop?

No matter if I'm working at home or out and about, I've found that inspiration strikes at the oddest moments (shower thoughts can be deep thoughts)!

I've gotten into the habit of writing all my big ideas down on paper. I literally have an idea notebook I bring with me almost everywhere. I've found my ideas translate better from my brain to paper first then I can refine them into documents or notes or lists on digital formats.

So, having a physical notebook with me at any moment is necessary. I love a few different brands of notebooks for this type of carrying, but as a general rule they have to be hardback, as large as piece of normal paper, and come with a little ribbon bookmark. Oh! And they have to be lined. None of this gridded nonsense.

Some brands I love for this are:

My laptop is the brain of the entire operation, so I like to keep it protected in my bag with a pretty laptop case. I got this laptop sleeve/cover many many years ago off Etsy, so I don't think I could find the exact one, but these are a few of my current favs.

I'll always carry a scrunchie or a hair clip around just in case I get annoyed with my hair.

I'll always go back to our Classic Line of Wallflower Scrunchies because they're soft, don't pull my hair and go with anything!

My phone and AirPods are a must have with me at all times and although I'm vaccinated a mask (and hand sanitizer) is still an ever present item in my bag just in case some places are still mask-only!

Whats in my bag 2021 2