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You cannot hide from problem skin in the winter. With dry heat blasting in homes, sharp wind outside, less sunscreen (but no less sun), and those long hot showers we all love, our skin takes a real beating in the winter.

This year, with my focus on personal wellness, also comes a focus on skincare. I often can't be bothered to put on makeup, especially if I'm just working at home all day, but without the coverup and blush and highlighter I actually notice what my skin looks likes throughout the day.

I have a pretty solid skincare routine. The products listed to the right is what I use consistently at the moment. I've been so fortunate in my job to be sent most of the items I use in my skincare routine, however, that also means they're not quite as intentionally selected for my skin. A double edged sword for sure.

Here in this post, I'll walk through what I'm currently using and why (there are a lot of products I try that just don't work!), share what I'm planning on changing in my winter skincare routine, and break down how internal wellness plays a role in outward beauty and health.

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My Current Winter Skincare Routine

Skin Profile:

  • Redness/skin tone is my biggest concern ( made worse in the winter)
  • Hormonal/ mask acne every so often
  • Combination skin texture ( I often get dry skin on my forehead)


I've tried so many different cleansers and cleansing balms over the past few years. The one I'm using right now by Elemis is a truly luxurious product. It smells like a spa and the application of a balm into liquid on the face makes for a lovely experience. It's pretty pricy though ($64) and I'm not sure it's done too much to set itself apart from a more basic cleanser.

If I wear makeup for the day or date night or a photoshoot I try to double cleanse once in the shower and once right after and I just finished the Glow Recipe Blueberry Gentle Cleanser which I loved!


This is a step that I often skip if I'm not feeling a long skincare routine for the evening. I haven't found too many toners that I love. I've been using the Kihel's Ferulic Brew Antioxidant Facial Treatment but it definitely dries my skin out and I have to go in with a deep moisturizer pretty quickly after.


I know in my head the benefit of a retinol treatment - great for keeping the skin young and fresh, increasing collagen, etc. - but I can't seem to consistently keep it in my routine. I might make that a goal this year. At least 2 evenings of a retinol. I do really like serums and have found that Vitamin C serums really help my skin. My favorite at the moment is the Dirty Lamb Ultra Night Serum. It's so hydrating, smells incredible and helps my skin be super bright and clear the next day. I will definitely be repurchasing after I've used mine up.


The final step is to moisturize, which I sometimes forget to do if I've just put on the night serum above. I've been using the romer moisturizer and it's been great. It's pretty thick so I don't think I'd use it in the summer, but is very hydrating. And a step that I used to skip a lot but now that I've 30 is something I don't miss is an eye cream. I flip-flop between the Elemis Eye Mask and the Fleur and Bee Eye Cream.

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What I'm Planning on Changing in My Skincare Routine

Unless a product is just not working for me (i.e. it breaks my skin out) I'm a pretty big believer in finishing what you started. I'm definitely consistent enough with my routine that I finish products often so all of the products mentioned above will be finished fully before I replace them, but when I do here are the products, based on my research, I'm interested in trying.

Skincare from the Inside Out

If you do any serious research into skincare, you'll see that the health of your body, your internal health, can truly determine the health of your skin.

I know how frustrating skin issues like acne or perpetually dry skin can be. I struggled with those things all through high school and somewhat into collage. And often changing hormones or even a virus can attack your skin and there's not too much you can do. But now that I'm mostly on the other side of those changes and mainly looking at the radiance, clarity, hydrating, and redness of my skin, the biggest difference comes when I take care of what goes into my body.

So here are a few things I'm being more intentional about this year to help my entire body:

  • Drinking more water than I think I need. If you're thirsty that means you're already dehydrated. Every now and again (like maybe once every 3 months) I take a packet of Liquid IV to boost electrolyte levels, but otherwise I'm making the choice to drink as much water as I can.
  • Taking a probiotic. Back in college I had a lot of health issues that were exaggerated by eating college cafeteria food. For an entire semester I was on a gut-friendly diet and it helped immensely. I hadn't been quite as rigorous recently and I could feel the difference. I ordered this probiotic power and after just a few days I noticed a big change in both my digestion, overall health and skin health.
  • Taking both a multivitamin and also ginger + turmeric. With redness being a skin problem for me (and also a few other issues) I did a lot of research into the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and ordered a bottle to try. Just after a short time using it, it's made such a big difference in both the way my skin looks and how I feel!
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