Winter in South Carolina has been wet, rainy, and not so cold. I don’t entirely mind it, especially the days we go out to shoot. It’s nice not to have a freezing face, runny nose, and flushed cheeks in every January photo. On a particularly warm January day we headed out to grab some shots in one of my new favorite outfits created from pieces I’ve had in my wardrobe for over a year.

Parisan Chic 19
Parisan Chic 23
Parisan Chic 12

While Wednesday’s post is going to flesh out the goals and intentions for Some Pretty Thing and my blogging business, I’ll give you a preview and say that if you start to see some of the same pieces styled in different ways throughout the year don’t be surprised.

I love the idea of living with less. Not minimalism, per se, merely a conscious choice to be mindful for purchases and make sure the items in my closet are well-loved, good quality, and classic. A simple white sweater, for instance, can be styled in hundreds of different ways so long as it doesn’t unravel after the third wash. This one is a particular favorite of mine this year. It’s cropped, but not in an obnoxious way; oversized, but not bulky; and well-constructed without costing a fortune. (In fact it’s less than $40 right now!)

Parisan Chic 22
Parisan Chic 20
Parisan Chic 5

And much like the sweater, the other pieces of this outfit I’ve styled for every event under the sun. The polka dot dress you saw on the blog last spring , and I trudged through both Portland and Seattle in these boots. My goal this year is to find and style beautiful pieces (that may already be in my closet) and help give you a little styling inspiration for what you may already own. Even as a fashion blogger, that doesn’t mean I have the budget (or the motivation) to shop consistently and share brand new pieces every day.

If can share inspirational outfits that you can create with just a few tweaks of your wardrobe I’ll call this year successful! And if you get bored of seeing me style some of the same pieces over and over, this may just not be the blog for you to follow.

Parisan Chic 17
Parisan Chic 7
Parisan Chic 2
Parisan Chic 1

All that to say, I hope you enjoy this slightly new focus for this year and I’m looking forward to spending less time browsing the stores and more time styling the classics I already own and love!