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December 14, 2017

Year End Beauty

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From highlighting to strobing and everything in between this year’s beauty trends have taken us around the block and back again with their constant struggle between demure and dazzling. We sew unicorn and mermaid inspired looks, dewy complexions, and shimmer and sparkle galore. K-beauty had its moment to shine and bedazzled fingernails are somehow sticking around.

I like to fancy myself a stick to the classics type of girl. I like implementing products and techniques when I can work them into my tried and true routine. In 2017, I decided branching out was a good move and have worked in a few new items that I can’t imagine life without now.

  1. Borghese Hydrating Oil 

I received this product as a gift from the company to try out and see how I liked it and truly it has been a gamechanger. My skin is typically pretty dry so any lightweight moisturizing product peeks my interest. This is a spray oil that hydrates your skin and leaves your body soft and moisturized after a hot bath or shower. I also use it tame flyaways on a humid day.

2. Jeffrey James Botanicals 

I’ve talked about these products before, but the entire collection of botanically-based, chemical-free skincare products is my go-to for achieving the results I want. I use the cleanser, mask, toner, and serum on a daily basis.

3. 100% Pure Highligher

This is another brand I stumbled upon when they sent me a few of their latest highlighters and if ever I want to build up the dewy complexion I build a little powder right into my foundation for a beautiful shimmer. As the name suggests it’s also a natural-based cosmetic line that I can’t wait to try more products from.

4. Palm Eau de Parfum

In the ongoing search for a signture scent I stumbled across a darling little bottle tucked away on a shelf in the beauty department of Anthro. Palm by Over Land and Sea and since my Mexico honeymooon was immenet I snached it up to use every evening on the trip. A clean, fresh scent with some tropical undertones it’s one of the first scents that hasn’t given a headache. And for that I will be forever glued to it’s side.

~ Emily ~

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  1. December 14, 2017

    These products sound really good. Have a great day.

  2. December 15, 2017

    I totally needed this post!! Trying to take better care of my skin!! Thank you!! <3